Architectural Glass Products

Architectural Glass

    Bullet Resistant, ArmorResist®

    Laminated glass can be designed to resist attacks by a wide range of weapons.

    Ceramic Enamel Frit

    Ceramic enamel frit is applied to the glass surface in a horizontal roller coating process.


    Finwall® is an exclusive structural wall system comprised of facade glass panels and vertical glass mullions designed to resist wind load and seismic forces.

    Forced Entry, ArmorProtect®

    ArmorProtect® is used where glazing is required to resist penetration for some considerable time, typically measured in minutes rather than seconds.

    Fully Tempered

    Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® fully tempered glass is approximately four times stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness and configuration.

    Heat Strengthened

    Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® heat-strengthened glass is approximately twice as strong as annealed glass of similar thickness and configuration.


    i-Glass™ utilizes a new digital printing technology that provides architects, designers and owners the ability to create custom graphics that are applied directly to the surface of glass.

    Insulating Glass

    By combining Low-E coatings, standard and high performance tinted glasses, reflective coatings, silk-screened patterns, laminated glass products and more, a wide variety of insulating glass configurations are available to satisfy performance and aesthetic requirements.

    Light & Solar Control

    Laminated architectural glass may be designed to reduce solar energy transmittance, control glare and screen out ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

    OPACI-COAT-300® Silicone Paint

    OPACI-COAT-300® silicone paint creates a rubber-like film when applied to the glass to produce the desired color.

    Overhead Glazing

    Laminated is preferred for overhead glazing when glass slopes >15º from the vertical; it can also be fabricated as a component of our Point-Supported Canopy Systems.

    Point Support

    Point-supported canopies and facades are comprised of stainless steel spider fittings and tempered glass to resist wind load and snow load requirements.

    Safety & Burglary

    Laminated safety glass is a multifunctional glazing material that when impacted, typically breaks safely and remains an integral part of the opening.

    Seismic Earthquakes

    Laminated glass lites are typically manufactured with annealed, heat-strengthened or fully tempered glass.


    Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® silk-screened products offer building designers exciting ways to customize exterior and interior glass, by using standard and custom screened patterns.

    Sound Control

    Sound-dampening inter-layers reduce noise levels by up to 50%. Ideal for airport applications or any building in cities or near highways.

    Specialty Systems

    Specialty Systems are unique in their design and application.


    Stackwall® is an exclusive structural wall system facade glass panels joined to vertical glass mullions with metal patch or “spider” fittings.


    Laminated glass allows great flexibility for decorative glass. Many different effects can be created by deliberately adding other interlayers to the laminate.